A new unified platform for emissions and operations.

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    Validere - a new unified platform for emissions and operations

    Governing bodies worldwide have set a variety of public targets and pledges for emissions reduction, prompting a significant evolution in regulations that impact operational mandates for emitters across industries. In particular, new requirements aimed at methane emissions quantification, monitoring, and reduction will further embed emissions management practices into the day-to-day operations of companies in high-emitting industries, requiring tighter coupling between operational teams and those responsible for planning, compliance, reporting, finance, and more. To do this well, it needs to be easy for these teams to manage emissions in an integrated way, with collaborators across the organization operating on a single source of truth and empowered with tools tailored for the roles they play.

    Recognizing the growing need for such an integrated approach to managing emissions, we are thrilled to announce the consolidation of our Carbon Hub and Operations Hub into a unified platform—simply called Validere– built for a world where managing emissions is a team effort across many disciplines, and a natural part of operating.

    Integrated Operational Emissions Management

    Against this backdrop, the role of emissions management software evolves well beyond a simple tool for compliance. It becomes a strategic and appreciating asset that allows organizations to operationalize their emissions management efforts, driving efficiency, mitigating emissions-related risks and liabilities, and helping secure a competitive advantage in a rapidly changing market.

    By marrying emissions management capabilities with purpose-built tools and workflows for operational and field measurement data, Validere users can now easily take advantage of an expanded set of features as their needs evolve, or seamlessly integrate the full suite of emissions, operations, and field data solutions across their entire organization, allowing them to:

    • Manage and optimize operations and emissions using a single data ecosystem - Validere establishes a unified ecosystem for emissions and operations data that serves as the single source of truth powering use cases across the entire organization. Data such as volumes, qualities, operating conditions, and asset specifications can be used to generate reports, derive insights, or inform decisions and actions according to a user’s needs, and especially in strategic situations where emissions and operations considerations need to be evaluated simultaneously. This approach not only maximizes the return on investments in data collection and measurement by leveraging the same data for a broader range of applications, but also allows organizations to tailor their data collection strategies with a comprehensive view of how that data informs various outcomes across the company. By optimizing the use of data across multiple teams and use cases, Validere allows the whole organization–from field operators to executive decision-makers–to collaborate effectively, shortening cycle times between data collection, insight, and action.
    • Enhance field data collection workflows - Informed by almost a decade of experience working with operations and field teams, the Validere platform streamlines field data collection across the business, including environmental compliance, leak detection and repair (LDAR), equipment testing and inspections, health and safety, and more. Users can build custom forms and workflows that match their needs, schedule and manage field activities, and automatically record data and actions across a distributed workforce.  In the field, users can see and manage their assigned tasks, and easily collect and upload data with a user-friendly mobile application that works even when there’s no service. From there, everything is neatly organized in one place with purpose-built tools for QA/QC, approvals, reporting, and more.
    • Quantify, report and track emissions - Validere simplifies the quantification, reporting, and tracking of GHG and CAC emissions for regulatory compliance, voluntary initiatives, and corporate net-zero goals. With the ability to model scenarios and assess their impacts on emissions, organizations can make informed decisions and investments that align proposed changes with emissions performance and business objectives. Adaptable feature sets enable users to tailor calculations, workflows, dashboards, and reports to meet specific regulatory and business needs, providing a flexible tool that keeps up with evolving demands.

    These integrated capabilities and adaptable feature sets position Validere as the go-to platform for organizations at any stage of their journey, whether focused on streamlining compliance, taking the next step, or leading the way in managing emissions. 

    What this means for Validere users

    Validere Carbon Hub users have already been onboarded to the Validere platform. Talk to our team about the expanded set of capabilities available for integrating operational and emissions. Former Clairifi users are currently being migrated to the new Validere platform.

    Validere Operations Hub users will continue to access the same platform as today, and will be transitioned over time to a new and significantly improved experience that provides more flexibility, new functionality, and an updated look and feel. Interested in layering in emissions management tools and workflows? Get in touch with our team to learn more.

    To learn more about Validere and our approach to integrating emissions and operations, visit our website or book a demo today.


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